A friend and I made plans to go the northeastern Minnesota last weekend (2/1-2/4), in search of owls. We had a great a weekend! We found three extremely cooperative Great Gray Owls, one Northern Hawk Owl, who wasn’t very cooperative, and two Boreal Owls, which were the icing on the cake! There were many more great gray’s reported, but it seemed like they would hunt along the side of the road for a few minutes and then fly deeper into the woods. You just needed to get lucky when driving around. Friday morning started out at -26 degrees, and a little slow. Saturday was better (single digit temps), but it was snowing for most of the day, creating a challenge for photographing birds. We missed out on a few target birds, but all in all it was a great trip and worth the extreme cold temps. These are a few of the images of owls from the weekend. You can click on the links to see the full galleries of each owl.

Great Gray Owl – http://www.jmeyerphotography.net/photo-gallery/photo-gallery-2/great-gray-owl/

Boreal Owl – http://www.jmeyerphotography.net/photo-gallery/photo-gallery-2/boreal-owl/

Northern Hawk Owl – http://www.jmeyerphotography.net/photo-gallery/photo-gallery-2/northern-hawk-owl/


6 thoughts on “Sax Zim Bog and northeastern Minnesota owls Feb 2018”

  1. Great shots of these beautiful owls, Jeremy. I’m guessing these birds are near the top of every birder’s wish list. I’m surprised your camera worked in such brutal cold.

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